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Densen Audio

Densen RCA interconnect

Densen RCA interconnect

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The Densen RCA interconencts have been under development for several years, and after many hours of listening and carefull material selection, the Densen RCA interconnects are finally here.

The cable is constructed using an RCA casing custom made for Densen to utilize the unique characterictis of a single-ended design to the greatest extend possible. The cable itself is also a Densen special using a 5-strand irregular-conductor design sleeved in a special dielectric in order to bring out the most possible music to the destination of the signal carried in the cable.

Available in two lengths – 0.8 and 1.5 meters. The cable is naturally hand-made in Denmark.



If you get a Densen RCA cable, and compare it to any of your current favorite cables in the sam price-range, we are convinced you will have a new favorite!

  • Custom designed Densen RCA-plugs

    • Advanced composition of 5 different conductors in each cable

      • Available in 0.8 meter and 1.5 meter lengts

        • Handmade in Denmark



        Though most famous for award winning amplifiers and sources, Densen are proud to announce our new Densen interconnect cable. What might seem as an untraditional step from a high-end amplifier manufacturer, is actually at the very core of Densen’s mission – Head Honcho Thomas Sillesen explains:

        “Over the years many customers have asked me what cables I used with my system and what I recommended. And I would always name the same manufacturer and brand because that is what I used at home, but to be honest, it was not something I ever put too much thought into. I am aware what I like in a cable and how I want it to sound, but once I found that, I never really questioned it – until now. A couple of years ago I sat in my house on the Danish rock-island of Bornholm and during a walk I looked down a cliff over the water and while admiring the rockfaces and mineral deposits I thought to myself – maybe I should investigate this a bit more, maybe there is more to metal and cables than just minerals and OFC cobber. So, I went home, bought a bunch of cables – not just expensive HiFi cables, but also just ‘plain’ OFC cobber cables, and I started playing. I finally think my journey has come to an end – for now at least. I have found the perfect sweat-spot where any Densen enthusiast – or enthusiast of any Hi-Fi system really – will get the most for their money. Every cable manufacturer will tell you, that of course, cables get better when they get more expensive, and I won’t tell you that better cables do not exist – partly because music and HiFi are subjective in nature – but mostly because they admit that it is with diminishing returns. For the people who love digging into different cables and designs I say go ahead, enjoy your passion, but for everyone else – I have come up with what I find to be the best possible cable. That is, with the best sound at a price point that makes sense. I’m not going to go very deep into material choice or talk for hours about the five-conductor matrix braid design of the cable. Instead I will say “just listen” as that is the only way to truly evaluate Hi-Fi.

        We have spent countless hours finding the most optimal way to build an interconnect cable in order to match the sound signature of our sources and amps in the most favorable way – with dynamics and warmth like you already know it from a Densen system. I see many people who say they have found their dream setup in Densen and then spend countless hours and even more money trying to find an interconnect that ties it all together neatly. With this cable I aim to bring these people to ease, so they can spend more time with our common passion – listen to great music, on a Hi-Fi system that makes you want to dance! Cause life is too short for boring Hi-Fi!”
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