Collection: Power amplifiers

The Densen range of power-amplifiers makes music come to life with an ease and a musicality that just sounds so incredibly right. The press often resort to hyperbole when describing it, and a lot of people actually stop talking and communicate the musical experience by tapping their feet, playing the air guitar, banging their heads, conducting imaginary orchestras, or entering a trance-like state. 

Of course we have patents pending on the advanced designs, and have spent an enormous amount of time selecting the right components. We apply attention to detail, extremely refined board designs, precision engineering, custom-made components, and amplification without feedback. But the Densen magic is not just created by these highly advanced technologies. It is born out of the vision we have for our products and our determination to make it come true. 

Our range of power-amplifiers share the commitment to quality, the design principles, and the unique musical performance. But as you make your way up in the range, you’ll discover more and more detail, more and more rhythm and drive, more and more transparency, more and more power – well, more and more music!