At Densen we pride ourselves on our craftmanship. Every Densen unit is hand-built by our experienced technicians in Denmark.

A Densen product is build to last – so it’s only natural to back it with a matching warranty.

An amplifier should be able to play any record, CD or streamed music – not only be good for jazz or bossa nova. A Densen amplifier is a promise of a great musical enjoyment no matter your taste in music!

The latest from Densen

Densen 1-NRG

1-NRG is a quick and easy way to make a vast improvement to your Densen Setup. Once you try it, you won't ever want to live without it.

Upgrade your Densen CD-player

We have all know the feeling - we really want to experience the next level, but it seems like such a vaste to buy a completely new CD-player. Not with Densen! All Densen CD-players can be upgraded to a newer model!

Ever wondered why we do as we do? Head Honcho and founder Thomas Sillesen has written a series of articles outlining his perspective on Hi-Fi.

News from the workshop

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