Collection: CD Players

The three Densen CD-players are critically acclaimed musical performers with a large group of devoted followers. They all share the Densen characteristics of extreme musicality, military precision in mounting and soldering, easy upgradeability, and good looks. The players are based on extruded aluminium casings that minimize vibration and magnetic distortion, on non-feedback Class A amplification stages, discrete analogue stages, on advanced and jitter-free clock circuitry, and custom-made CD transports with is optimized for perfect data transfer. Most of them can be updated to the model above by your dealer or distributor. Further they can all be updated with external powersupplies like the DNRG and 2NRG resulting in a strong update path, and even stronger performance. The top model B-475 uses Densen Super Leggera technology, using a super lightweight cabinet, to minimize influences on the circuits, and allow the player to "breathe" freely!