The Three Densen CD-players are critically acclaimed musical performers with a large group of devoted followers. They all share the Densen characteristics of extreme musicality, military precision in mounting and soldering, easy upgradeability, and good looks.

The players are based on extruded aluminium casings that minimize vibration and magnetic distortion, on non-feedback Class A amplification stages, discrete analogue stages, on advanced and jitter-free clock circuitry, and custom-made CD transports with is optimized for perfect data transfer.

All Densen CD-players B-410 (discontinued), B420, B440 and B475 (along with their plus and XS siblings) can be updated to the newest models at a modest price. They can also be upgraded to the next model – B-420XS to a B-440XS for instance. For more information send us an email on Furthermore they can all be updated with external powersupplies like the 1-NRG and 2NRG resulting in a strong update path, and even stronger performance.

The newest XS variants of the Densen CD-players among many other upgrades offers a digital input, allowing the CD-player to be used as a DAC.

The top model B-475 uses Densen Super Leggera technology, using a super lightweight cabinet, to minimize influences on the circuits, and allow the player to “breathe” freely!


The B-420XS is the entry level Densen CD-player. Based on the popular B-420+, the XS variant features an improved mainboard layout and digital input for use as a DAC.


Featuring a dual mono DAC layout with custom made Densen capacitors created specifically for the application, the B-440XS promises many hours of musical enjoyment. As the rest of the XS models, the B-440XS also features a digital input for use as a DAC.

Super Leggera

The ultimate listening experience - that is how the B-475+ can be summed up. The B-475+ comes in two (two!) cabinets - one for the player itself, and one for the external powersupply, with seperate circuits for left and right sound processing, and a third for control electronics.

Upgrade path

Want to upgrade you Densen CD-player? No problem! Just like any other Densen unit, our CD-players are meant to last which includes the possiblity of upgrading them.

If you own a B-400, B-400PLUS or B-400XS CD-player, these players can’t be easily upgraded, but we do offer a fairly generous trade-in program on these units. Contact us on to learn more.

Densen B-410, B-420 or B-440 CD-players can all be upgraded to either the next unit in the line-up (B-410 to B-420 for instance) or from the ‘base’ or ‘plus’ version to the latest XS version. The XS model brings a new and improved mainboard layout, which improves the signal path and enables even more stunning performances from all levels of players. Furthermore the XS model adds a digital input, which allow you to use your Densen CD-player as a DAC for any digital source through a coaxial input. To learn more about the possibilities and pricing of upgrading your Densen CD-player, please send an email to and let us know what model CD-player you have.