Densen SB-2

The SB borads (Surrond Boards) are a revolution for new features. The SB Boards are add-on boards for all integrated and pre-maplifiers (Except B-200)- This ia s very easy and sonically superior way to enter the world of home cinema or Super Audio systems.


The DP-07 doesn’t look of much with it’s small size, but it presents big sound. It brings out the details and richness of every recording in your collection and let’s you enjoy the music unconditionally.

  • Easily upgrade your Densen integrated- or pre-amplifier with a DP-07 in order to create a high-quality input
  • User install-able. The DP-07 is made to be installed by you without the needs of special tools or soldering. Simply lift the Lid of your Densen, insert the DP-07 as indicated on the mainboard and you are done!
  • Note: The DP-07 does NOT fit the DM-10, DM-20, B-100 and B-200. Here the almost Identical (but not exactly) legacy DP-05 should be used.
  • Designed in Denmark – Made in Denmark

specs & Features

  • Compatible with all of the following models and variants (PLUS, XS, CAST) there of B-110, B-120, B130, B-150, B-175, B-230, B-250, B-275, B400, B-410, B-420, B-440, B-475


  • 5.1 or 7.1 line in


  • 5.1 or 7.1 line out


  • Relay controlled attenuator for a true high-res pre-amp stage


  • weight: 500 grams

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The B-150XS output stage uses Densen’s unique ”DMCD” technology that secures an extremely firm grip on the speakers combined with a fast, precise and truly transparent sound.
2 x 100 watts in 8 ohm.

Densen RCA interconnect

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