The Densen way

Let’s say you’re one of those people who think they can have everything their own way...

…One of those who want real Densen performance, expandability, usability, and compact design without the high-end price tag. Well, you can! Our range of integrated amplifiers deliver all the musicality and the features of the Densen separates into a single stylish package. A compromise? No, a clever way of combining a pre and power into a stateof-the-art package.

The Densen range of power-amplifiers makes music come to life with an ease and a musicality that just sounds so incredibly right. The press often resort to hyperbole when describing it, and a lot of people actually stop talking and communicate the musical experience by tapping their feet, playing the air guitar, banging their heads, conducting imaginary orchestras, or entering a trance-like state.

The Densen range of pre-amplifiers are designed and built without compromises. A successful merger of extravagant sound, design, and usability. All made in Denmark – of course.

Integrated Amplifiers

Densens hertiage started with the integrated DM-10 all the way back in 1994! Back then the DM-10 was a real innovator, and to this day we continue to make our Densen ancestors proud by pushing the boundaries of integrated technology.


The Densen pre-amps are of extremely high quality, all designed with a relay switched attenuator, they areeasily upgradeable and come with internal slots for surround processors, phono stages, DAC and streaming boards.

Power amplifiers

The Densen range of power-amplifiers makes music come to life with an ease and a musicality that just sounds so incredibly right.


The three Densen CD-players are critically acclaimed musical performers with a large group of devoted followers. They all share the Densen characteristics of extreme musicality, military precision in mounting and soldering, easy upgradeability, and good looks.

D/A converters and Streamers

Our range of D/A Converters and streamers have the same characteristica as the Densen analouge units: muscality, flexibility and - of course - good looks to match any interior
(or demands of a partner).


Browse external powersupplies, phono stages, expansion DAC modules, interconnects and much more from the Densen universe!

Why Densen?

10 year warranty!

All Densen units comes with a 10 year warranty for the first owner – if that isn’t a statement, we do not know what is! A Densen is built to last, and we want your new HiFi system to be an investment for a lifetime.

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