Densen DVD-magic

Densen DVDMagic is the only hi-fi accessory of its kind capable of improving your system.The DVD demagnetizes the sound system, and the difference is obvious to anybody, eventhose who are not Hi-Fi enthusiasts.

Basically, the DVDMagic is a DeMagic in 5.1 digital surround. You place the DVDMagic inyour DVD player, set the volume to its normal level and press “play”. In approximately 3minutes your Home Cinema System will sound much clearer, dynamic, detailed and trans-parent than before.

DVDMagic cleans the entire signal path for the magnetism which builds up during play-back. The magnetism results in Magnetically Induced Distortion (MID), which degrades theaudio signal. The DVDMagic sends a series of complex algorithm signals which removethe MID through your system. It may be the single most important purchase of Hi-Fiaccessories you will ever make!

“The definition of music improved as a whole and then into details, for instance the DVDMagic wasable to make bass lines in particular less flabby with superior timbral qualities, while the treble gainedin resolution and control. The overall effect of the DVDMagic was a discernable improvement withoutstifling or highlighting any one part of the music tested. For £20 the DVDMagic is great value andhighly recommended for improving sound quality and as a tool for breaking in new hi-fi.”

Hifi World, September 2005

specs & Features


Runtime: 3 minutes

Recommended use: Once a month


Densen SB-1

The SB boards (Surround Boards) are a revolution for new features. The SB boards are add-on boards for all integrated and pre-amplifiers (except the B-200). This is a very easy and sonically superior way to enter the world of home cinema or Super Audio systems.

Densen SB-2

All our products are supplied as dedicated 2-channel products, but with the SB boards you get analogue 5.1 and 7.1 line input and 5.1 and 7.1 line pre-out.