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Densen is known for it's solid build quality, and that is why we don't hesitate to back it with a 10 year warranty for the first owner. Whether you have some questions regadring your Densen, or you are a second owner looking for a quote for repair, we are ready to help you.

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Services inquiries

Looking to have your Densen unit serviced? Wether you are a holder of warranty or just looking for a quote, we are ready to help you. Learn more here!

Video Guides

Want to know how to install a DP-module? Or a Cast-module? Or learn a few tricks? We have a few videos to get you going in seconds!


We have of course stored all Densen documentation. Find what you are looking for here.

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Below you will find all our documentation from 1994 until this very day!

No matter if you have a DM-10 from 1994 or the 2021 BEAT-PRE, we have the documentation you are looking for.

Densen owners manual

B-110, B-120, B-130, B-200, B-250, B-275, B-310, B-320, B-330, B-250, B-410, B-420, B-440, B-475, DP-drive


Gizmo system remote manual


1-NRG manual


CAST-AMP manual




DenDAC-50 Manual

DM-10, DM-20 & DM-30

DM-series manual


B-100 Manual

USB Driver for DenDAC50


In need of service for you Densen?

No matter if you are a holder of lifetime warranty or just looking for a service quote, we are ready to help. If you would like to have your Densen serviced or upgraded at our HQ in Denmark, feel free to send us an email and we will give you a quote. If you aren’t quite sure what you need, or what the possibilites for service and upgrade are, send us an email and we are happy to go through the options with you.

Below you will find all the fine-print and a couple of ‘good to know’s.

The fine-print of Densen Service

We take great pride in our 10 year warranty program.

The full set of terms and rules of the Densen warranty can be read here. A couple of quick notes before you email us / send us your unit:

The lifetime warranty is NOT handeld by our distributors, but must be handeld directly with us.

Please note the warranty does NOT cover parts prone to wear and tear. This includes but is not limited to: Lasers and CD transports on CD players. Neither are potentiometers, where failure is related to wear and tear or dust, smoke or other contamination of the part. Also failures due to user error are not covered.

Before sending any units in for service, you MUST send us an email using the form below, or directly on where you will recieve a reference number and shipping instructions. Anything shipped to us without a reference will be refused and sent back to the origin at the shippers expense.

The owner bears the expense of shipping from the origin to the Densen HQ where the unit will be inspected. If shipping from outside the EU we have special instructions which will be sent to you in an email. Please pack the unit carefully. We recommend shipping your Densen unit in it’s original packaging. If the return packaging is deemed unsuitable for return-shipping, we reserve the right to refuse to ship the item back and will require new original packaging is bought from us before shipment (we aren’t trying to scare anybody into not shipping their Densens, but we have seen Densens being killed in shipping multiple times due to either poor or just plain no packing at all, so please, pack it properly). The shipment must be delievered to our address (DAP – Delivery At Place). Shipping to a postoffice is NOT sufficient. If a package is shipped to a postoffice by mistake, we charge 600 DKK pr hour for pick-up.

Once we recieve the package you will recieve an email to let you know we are investegating the unit.

If the failure is covered under the warranty, Densen covers any parts needed for repair, labor as well as return shipping. If the fault is not covered, an offer for repair is sent to you via email. If we cannot reproduce the error we will also send you an email to let you know we require further information in order to proceed.


Most repairs have a standard price yes, but deducting what you need is often the hard part, and therefor we ask you to contact us for a cost estimate on your repair. You are more than welcome to send us an email on and we will give you a quote.

You are responsible for the shipping to Densen. If your repair is a warranty repair, Densen will cover the return and otherwise you will be quoted the return shipping when you reicieve your repair offer.

Please pack your amplifier adequately to go through shipping twice. We always recommend you use the original packaging.

You can use un-original packaging, just make sure it’s suitable for shipping your precious amplifier. If you are in doubt – send us an email. If you don’t have anything suitable to ship your unit in, you can by new packaging directly from Densen and have it shipped to you.

Usually we get the unit on the table within a week of reciving it, repair time is then highly depended on how hard it is to diagnose the fault. If it’s a simple potentiometer swap or recapping, the unit will be back out our door within a week after it has passed our stress test after the repair and gone through a Q/C inspection.

Video guides

This section will be continously updated.

Here you can see how to install a phonoboard in your Densen, but with time we will show how to do a lote more than that!

How to install a DP-05/07 phonoboard in a Densen integrated or pre-amplifier. (here shown in a B-150XS)

How to disassemble a Densen DM-10. The procedure is the same for the DM-10/20/30. Note it might be needed to remove a transformer to fit the faceplate.

It’s highly recommended that you remove the faceplate and knobs when shipping the amplifier to us for service, as rough handling of the unit in shipping might cause the acrylic faceplate to break. All DM-series units returned from service will likewise have these removed when you receive them.

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Note: We unfortunately do not have the facilties to accept walk-ins. If you with to hand in a unit yourself, please contact us first and make an appointment. Anything sent to us without a referencenumber (aquired by contacting us) will be rejected upon delivery. So please contact us, and get a reference number first – we don’t bite (in fact, rumor has it our customer service is pretty nice to chat with).

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Feel free to email us any question you might have – though we are much more helpfull at answering questions related to Densen equipment than refrigerators.


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