The B-130XS is the perfect match for the entry-level home stereo, as it offers the same highly refined and detail-oriented sound reproduction standard pertaining to a Densen amplifier at a more affordable price point than its sibling models, the B-150XS and B-175+.

Despite its lower price point, the B-130XS is a strong performer. Using the same microprocessor controlled relay attenuator, and a similar power amplifier as the B-150, here with 2x80W/8ohm and 2x160W/4ohm. The B-130XS has the legendary power of Densen, with firm grip on speakers and musicality




The B-130XS is the cheapest of the Densen integrated amplifiers, but it comes with many high-end solutions, and the topology is similar to the top-of-the-line B-175.

  • 200 0.5dB step relay volume control
  • Powerfull 550VA Torrodial powersupply which is encapsulated in order to isolate the main-PCB from vibrations.
  • 110.000uF capacitor bank made with Custom Densen capacitors
  • Expansionport for DP-07 phonoboard – turn your line-1 input into a phono-input.
  • Expansionport for future upgrades (DAC, Surround, Streaming)
  • Upgradeable with external powersupply (1-NRG, 2-NRG)
  • THD + Noise @ rated output: Less than 0.05%
  • Designed in Denmark – Made in Denmark


The B-130XS contains Densen’s strong signature of engaging and neutral sound, with both details and dynamics. The topology solutions are highly advanced, and not normal present in amplifiers in this pricerange. Like all other Densen amplifiers the B-130XS is a non-feedback design, using extremely fast and reliable transistors, and other high quality parts to make an amplifier which no matter the loading, will perform at its best.

The B-130XS contains several unique features, like processorloop, to allow easy connection to external surroundprocessors and the possibility of adding Densens SB-1 or SB-2 analogue surroundboards for easy connection to BluRay players with analogue 5+1 or 7+1 output. It’s also possible to add a FabelDAC or FabelCAST module in order to add digital inputs to the B-130XS.

Also there is internal sockets for Densens DP-07 MM stage.

Naturally Densen’s B-130XS contains several connections, including 2 preamp outputs, so it is possible to upgrade to either bi- or tri-amping. Internally in the B-130XS is a socket, which allows to further update with the Densen SAXO electronic crossover to an active system.

The B-130XS contains separate powersupplies for outputtransistors, drivers, preamp and microprocessor, a total of 7 rectifiers and 90.000uF capacity coupled with a massive toroid transformer, which is encapsulated to minimize influence from vibrations. By use of surface mounted components, it has been possible to keep the total size of the PCB small, to minimize EFI distortion on the circuit. As such each amplifier channel is not larger than a credit card, which has allowed a much faster than normal circuit, due to the minimum EFI influence.

Not only the powersupply and pcb layout is done without any compromise, also the used components are of an extremely high quality, as such there is used Vishay metalfilm resistors, custommade capacitors, high quality Vima Film capacitors, Sanken transistors, sealed relays and goldplated inputs. However the most important is the sound, and the Densen team has done as much as humanly possible to make the sound performance of the B-130XS second to none. 

The B-130XS delievers 80watt in 8 ohm, and 160watts in 4 ohm. Has connections for Densens DenLink system, and as all other Densen amplifiers, comes with a 10 warranty for the first owner.

specs & Features

  • Power output in 8 ohms: 2x80W
  • Power output in 4 ohms: 2x160W
  • Line inputs: 4 sets + 2 tape loops 
  • Pre-amp outputs: 3 sets for easy connection for Bi-amping
  • Power supply size: 550VA
  • Storage Capacity: 110.000uF
  • THD + Noise @ rated output: <0.05%
  • Frequency response: 2-500.000Hz
  • Weight: 14 kg
  • Dimensions: 440x310x64mm

Reviews & Customer feedback

“It easily separates out complex musical strands and presents them as individual entities with no clashing or smearing.  Imaging too is precise and three dimensional, extending way out beyond the speaker boundaries, with depth and height well portrayed.

Sound quality is refined and powerful, with seemingly unflappable power delivery.  Timing is excellent, transients delivered with both speed and power, while at low level listening it is as clear and lucid as it is at high volumes.”

– Hifi Pig Magazine, 2017

Do you own a B-130XS? We are always seeking feed-back for our products – both positive and negative. We have a clear idea about our products, but sometimes it helps to get a perspective


DP07 MM phono stage

Expand the capability of your Densen integrated or pre-amplifier with a MM-phonoboard. Installing the board takes 30 seconds and gives your amp a truely high-end phono input.


Want digital inputs in your Densen amplifier? The FabelDAC is easy to mount, and provides 2x high quality COAX inputs.

SB-1 surroundboard

Expamnd your Densen with a surround-expansionboard. Connect your DVD-player or other 5.1 or 7.1 surroundsound output to the SB-1, And your Densen becomes a high-end multichannel pre-amp

1-NRG external powersupply

Considering an upgrade to your HiFi system? Get the most out of your Densen system with an external power supply.


Easily upgrade your Densen amplifier to a streaming amp! Install the FabelCAST expansionboard along with a ChromeCast Audio - and voila! Welcome to the streaming Era.

SB-2 surroundboard

An upgraded version of the SB-1, the SB-2 uses the highest quality components to give you the ultimate surround experience from your Densen.


Densen RCA interconnect

The Densen RCA Interconnects are Densens very first venture into the Hi-Fi cable world and has quickly become a favorite in the price-range for Densen owners and others alike.

Gizmo remote

We believe in one remote to control them all! No matter if you are just getting your first Densen system, or you own a B-200 from 1996, this remote isn't just a remote, it's an experience.

Denlink cable

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