Integrated amplifiers

Let’s say you’re one of those people who think they can have everything their own way. One of those who want real Densen performance, expandability, usability, and compact design without the high-end price tag. Well, you can! Our range of integrated amplifiers deliver all the musicality and the features of the Densen separates into a single stylish package. A compromise? No, a clever way of combining a pre and power into a state-of-the-art package.

The integrated Densens are built to perform and are crafted with the same care and tech-nology as their separate siblings. With upgradeability, with DenLink, with a new attenuator  volume control, with slot for surround board, with Saxo Crossover compatibility, and with the look and finish of our reference pre-amp B-250, these amps are among the most advanced and technically refined on the market. But more importantly, they are the easy and living-room-friendly way to enjoy the world of Densens unique musical experiences.


A unique performer, the B-130XS takes the best from the B-150XS, and offers this at a reduced price.
2 x 80 watts in 8 ohm.


The B-150XS output stage uses Densen’s unique ”DMCD” technology that secures an extremely firm grip on the speakers combined with a fast, precise and truly transparent sound.
2 x 100 watts in 8 ohm.


Our reference integrated amp is filled with advanced solutions which all share the
goal of giving you even more musicality and flexibility.
2x 125 watts in 8 ohm.


The ever popular B-130XS is now available in a CAST-version prepared for streaming with densens unique FabelCAST modeule pre-installed.


Something good just got better. B-150CAST with FabelCAST module pre-installed.


The ultimate integrated Amplifier from Densen - now prepared for streaming.


The Densen range of pre-amplifiers are designed and built without compromises. A successful merger of extravagant sound, design, and usability. Designed with zero feedback circuitry, massive storage capacity, and class A output stages, these control centers rule your living room – and up to 4 power-amps.

A discreetly elegant addition to any home, they provide you with world-renowned musical experiences and family-friendly usability. The Densen pre-amplifiers are easily upgradeable and come with internal slots for surround processors, phono stages and DAC-modules.


The B-230XS is a pre-amplifier with style, grace, and incredibel musical performance.


The B-250XS delivers much more than state-of-the-art musical performance - it makes music come alive.


Uncompromising design, uncompromising build, uncompromising technology, and uncompromising musical performance. Our new reference pre-amplifier is our humble attempt to build the best pre-amplifier money can buy.


The Densen B-250 has established itself as a reference preamplifier on the high end market over the years.


The Densen B-250 has established itself as a reference preamplifier on the high end market over the years. Now the B-250CAST will continue this legacy for years to come.


The Densen range of power-amplifiers makes music come to life with an ease and a musicality that just sounds so incredibly right. The press often resort to hyperbole when describing it, and a lot of people actually stop talking and communicate the musical experience by tapping their feet, playing the air guitar, banging their heads, conducting imaginary orchestras, or entering a trance-like state.

Of course we have patents pending on the advanced designs, and have spent an enormous amount of time selecting the right components. We apply attention to detail, extremely refined board designs, precision engineering, custom-made components, and amplification without feedback. But the Densen magic is not just created by these highly advanced technologies. It is born out of the vision we have for our products and our determination to make it come true.

Our range of power-amplifiers share the commitment to quality, the design principles, and the unique musical performance. But as you make your way up in the range, you’ll discover more and more detail, more and more rhythm and drive, more and more transparency, more and more power – well, more and more music!

All Densen power-amplifiers are prepared to work with the Saxo Crossover in an active amplification set-up, and all models come with DenLink for seamless communication between your Densen products.


Though the smallest of the Densen power-amp line-up, the B-310 never disappoints.
Power output: 2x 80 watt in 8 ohms.


Based on the legendary B-300XS, the B-320 is a statement in itself. Perfection - refined.
Power output: 2x 100 watt in 8 ohms.


The largest of the Densen stereo power amplifiers, the B-330+ is quite a beast, that never disappoints on the current.
Power output: 2x 120 watt in 8 ohms.