External powersupplies

The Densen NRG upgrades are external power supplies designed to significantly upgrade and improve the performance of Densen products. It is a effective way of improving thesound, without having to sell your current Densen model, and purchase a larger. A discrete and elegant cure for the evercontinuing lust for even better sound from your Densen system.


Say NRG out loud quickly, and you will understand what this product does within those three letters. The 1-NRG External powersupply takes your Densen system to the next sonic level enabling better dynamics, higher levels og clarity and a darker background.


The 2-NRG is the powersupply that comes with the B-475 CD-player and B-275 pre-amp. For these products all three NRG channels are used to handle right-channel, left-channel and electronics respectively. However, the three NRG channels can also be used to power three seperate Densen units.


Want to connect your Densen amplifier to a turntable? No problem – The Densen series of RIAA-stages are all of the highest quality and build on technology and know-how from the original DP-01 phonostage developed more than 20 years ago (and still beloved by many Densen fans across the world)! The RIAA stages are made to be installed by you – the user – and the operation require no technical skills what so ever. You only need a Torx screwdriver and 5 minutes of available time.

DP-05 MM

Legacy MM RIAA-board for B-100 and B-200.

DP-Drive XS

The DP-Drive is a docking station for the DP-07 MM and DP-06 MM / MC boards and comes with separate precise power regulator power supply. Regardless of the board used, the DP-Drive is a complete RIAA phono stage. Do not be fooled by the low price; it offers the best of Densen design. In one word: Musicality.

DP-07 MM

High grade MM phonoboard for any B-110, B-120, B-130, B-150, B-175, B-230, B-250, B-275 variants.


The DP06 is a MM and MC phonoboard with adjustable gain for use in the DP-drive external Riaa enclosure using Densens sofisticated light-driven powersupply.

Fabulous Fabel Digital-To-Analogue expansion boards

Want to add digital inputs to your Densen amplifier? No problem – Our Densen Fabel-DAC provides you with two coaxial inputs, while the Fabel-CAST proivdes an optical input while also adding a USB type A ultra low noise powersupply, so you can easily add a chrome-audio to your Densen. Easy-piecy Densen stream-cy?


Add 2x coaxial inputs to your Densen integrated or pre-amplifier.


add 1x optical input and 1x USB type-A power-output to your Densen integrated or pre-amplifier for easy streaming.


All our products are supplied as dedicated 2-channel products, but with the SB boards you get analogue 5.1 and 7.1 line input and 5.1 and 7.1 line pre-out. This means that you can easily connect a DVD-player or SACD-player with 5.1 analogue out. The SB Boards are avilable in 2 versions. The features are the same, only the sound quality differs. The SB-1 is the entry-level version, while the SB-2 is the true high-end solution.

A 'simple' remote control simply isn't enough....

True to its no-nonsense tradition, Densen regards the remote as a separate product. We have done everything possible to design a remote that is as far removed from the traditional plastic remote as you can get. The cabinet is made of extruded aluminium, which is glass-bursted and then anodised. The shape is ergonomic and feels rights in your hand. The buttons are made of hard plastic and give a precise, tactile feeling. To avoid the traditional problem of having to aim directly at the product, Gizmo transmits its commands in a special burst mode that allows it to operate the product without being aimed directly at it. To avoid fast drain on the batteries the Gizmo uses rechargeable batteries and comes complete with a charger!

Interconnect cables

From the outside the Densen range of integrated amplifiers look similar – but on the inside they are very different beasts! From the value oriented B-130XS and CAST models, to the B-175 series which offer the ultimate integrated performance. In the true Densen spirit, the integrated Densen amplifiers can be upgraded and customized to fit your needs – from external powerupplies taking the dynamics to unheard levels, to phono stages allowing for direct connection to a turntable or even a DAC module. A Densen is made to last a lifetime, so we made sure they can be upgraded to meet even your highest expectations.

RCA Interconnect 0.8 meter

The Densen RCA-interconnect is made using a custom designed cable using a 5-braide technology which ensures full sonic throughput.

RCA Interconnect 1.5 meter

Need something a little longer? Densen Interconnects are also available in 1.5 meter!


The reason behind this is that the small magnets in the signal-path become, with time, orientated in one direction. This produces a detrimental effect on the signal. The DeMagic signal actually relocates the magnets, and thereby breaks the magnetic field and its negative effect on the sound.

In 1997 the University of Seoul, Korea, carried out scientific tests that definitely proved the theory behind the DeMagic signal. Today the DeMagic has been sold in more than 100,000 copies worldwide and has become a must for any serious audiophile and music lover.

It is okay to be sceptical, but once you have tried it you will not believe the effect. The DeMagic is relatively inexpensive as well.


Did you know the Densen CD-magic went gold on August 16'th 1999 with more than 100.000 copies sold!


The highly popular CD-magic is now available in a DVD version!