History of Densen

Densen Audio Technologies is the culmination of a life long passion for music and hifi. Allready when our Head Honcho Thomas Sillesen was 13 years old he made his first amplifier. Turning 18 Thomas started working parttime at an audioshow, while attending high school.

During his youth, he continued his passion, and while at business school Thomas started importing and distributing audio in Denmark. This was not succesfull, as it was cool business and not made with the heart.

Thomas took the consequence, and stopped importing hifi, and founded Densen in order to make hifi equipment completely without compromise! This was done while still in business school, where Thomas finished with a M.Sc. (B.A. & Ec.) in Quality Control and Quality Management (as the first dane ever). That the Densen products are really made with no compromise in order to meet Thomas´ high standards are obvious, as Densen is the only company that offer a lifelong warranty for the first owner. A warranty that obviously puts high demands on the company to make perfect and lasting products.

Another example that proves that Densen is really made for Thomas, instead of the classic business approach where a company targets the market, is the curiosity that the volumecontrol are placed on the left side of the cabinets, which is done because Thomas is lefthanded!

So in that respect we do not make products the way the marked would like us to make them. We make them the way Thomas would like them to be. This way the products have soul and personality. Thomas also has a clear vision of how the products should sound.

The passion for music and hifi combined with the nearly insane focus on quality has made Densen a worldwide success owned by true musiclovers who share Thomas´ passion for audio products which not only grabs the listeners attention, but actually engage the listener in a way so time and place are often forgotten.

Legacy products (section coming soon)

Though some are now discontinued a few products are still very dear to Thomas heart, and are the starting point for all furhter development in Densen. Though old, the Densen quality and sound engagement would not be where it is today without them.


Thomas first big success - the now legendary DM-10. With 500 units sold in the first weekend Thomas demonstrated it, this amp now has a page in the Hi-Fi history books.


All good things must come to an end, and where the DM-10 left of, the B-100 took over - and boy did it take over!


In 2004 Thomas began development on his most technically advanced and powerfull design ever - the B-390. More than seven prototypes after the first iteration, the 1000 watt B-390 was finally launched in 2020.