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Our goal is to make hi-fi equipment that will ensure you fantastic musical experiences with your sound system. We will not compromise - all the choices we make when we design a new audio product have only one goal, and that is to give you the best possible sound!



Choosing a new audio system is an important issue; after all, it is an investment you will have to live with for many years to come. When people invest in a product like ours, we feel it is important that we respect the customer, and not fall into the traditional marketing "trap", where a new "improved" product is launched each fall, where the warranty is very limited, and where the only way we care about the customer, is getting his money and getting him out of the door again.



Throughout the years I have done a lot of demonstrations for Hi-Fi enthusiasts around the world. During the later years I have also done some lectures at colleges and universities. In those lectures I have demoed a Hi-Fi system. In connection with this, it struck me how far away from ordinary people Hi-Fi enthusiasts really are.